Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Introducing :: Japayork ::

Meet :: Japayork :: a 22 yr old musician who has lived in both Japan and New York, hence the name.

He is currently living in London, working in videography, graphic design and when he has a spare minute, he is writing for his (as yet untitled) debut album.

'Our Now' is the perfect first single from this youngster, combinging a strong 80s influence with heartfelt emotion. Sounding like an unreleased Depeche track, it comes complete with home made video which has captured the hearts of every music blogger from Discodust to Big Stereo who have nothing but praise for him.

This heartfelt 80s synthpop runs throughout his myspace player with tracks such as 'I Need It All' and 'Teenagers' proving he is no one trick pony... its fair to say, we can expect big things.

Check out JapaYork at www.myspace.com/japayork

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