Sunday, 7 March 2010

Introducing.... Hey Champ!

With the dream of becoming the third biggest thing to come out of Rockford, Illinois (next to Cheap Trick and the brother from 'Blossom') meet :: Hey Champ! ::

Hey Champ! are childhood friends 'Saam', 'Jonathan' and 'Pete' and (according to their myspace) make Indie/Electro/Rock with emphasis on the :: ELECTRO :: They are influenced by Art, Science and 'Carmen San Diego' (where on Earth could she be)

Having remixed everyone from 'French Horn Rebellion', 'The Cool Kids' and 'Passion Pit' they have gone on to share the stage with the likes of 'The Sounds', 'Justice', 'Datarock' and 'Lupe Fiasco' who incidently put out their first album on his F&F (1st and 15th) label.

Hey Champ's latest offering :: 'Winners Circle' :: is available as a free download on their myspace and includes hot remixes of FHR vs Database, Passion Pit and 80Kidz.

Something tells me, Hey Champ! are about to achieve the dream and become the third biggest thing to come out of Rockford, Illinois.

Check them out at

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