Thursday, 4 March 2010

Introducing.... James Yuill

James Yuill is a bit of a hidden gem who has been on the scene for a while now but with his popularity growing by the day he is really starting to make some serious noise with the likes of Clash magazine right through to 'Starbucks' all singing his praise.

Hailing from Lodon, his sound varies from sweet twee electro/acoustic (think postal service/get.cape..) but with a dirtier side and without hesitation has the ability to start blasting out some of the nastiest dirty electronics and thats why we love him!!!

His debut album 'Turning Down Water For Air' comes in both 'Fire & Earth' versions, where Yuill reworks his electro songs as acoustic versions and vice versa and features singles 'No Surprise' and 'This Sweet Love'.

He is signed to Moshi-Moshi records in Europe and apprears on several Kitsune compilations etc.

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