Monday, 29 March 2010

Introducing :: Computer Club ::

Mike Diasio AKA :: Computer Club :: is the producer responsible for some of the heaviest/hardest electro/disco/house coming out of LA. He describes his sound as "heavy, distortion-tinged .. electro house" and we LOVE it !!

He is getting alot of blog buzz after his recent collaboration with Frankmuzik on latest track "Losing Streak" where Diasio's heavy distorted basslines are a perfect match for Vince's sweet, melodic vocal.

His remixes are also worth their weight in gold, including his version of Human Leagues classic, "Don't You Want Me" finding its way into underground electro club nights across the globe.

As well as writing and producing, Diasio is a well-accomplished DJ, having played a steady stream of gigs, traveling to every corner of North America with regular stops in New York City, San Francisco and everywhere in between.

Check out Computer Club at

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