Sunday, 21 February 2010

Introducing... Uffie

Anna-Catherine Hartley AKA 'Uffie' was born in America, moved to Hong Kong, stopped off in the Philippines briefly before relocating back to the USA. She made her final stop off in Paris, France where she settled down and became a fashion student at the 'International School of Paris'. When the opportunity came to make music, she soon dropped out to pursue this new career.

Uffie's music is electro/pop/hip-hop crossover, and with collaborations with Mr Oizo and Pharell Williams it's clear we're going to be hearing alot more of her.

Latest single 'MC's Can Kiss' was produced by 'Mr Oizo' and showcases Uffie's hip hop side where she boasts 'I'm the least working girl in showbusiness' before bursting into an 'off the wall' style sax solo. It's fair to say that what Uffie brings to the table is both fresh and unique.

'First Love', featured on her myspace, shows Uffie bring out her softer side, 'I love it when you whisper in my ear, you say the sweetest things that I wanted to hear'.

New album 'Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans' is out in Spring 2010 on Ed Banger Records.

Check out Uffie on myspace at

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