Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Introducing... Erik Hassle

Erik Hassle is a singer/songwriter originally from Sweden, now living in London.

When I first came across him, his sound was somewhat different to his latest offering.

New single 'Hurtful' was originally more Euro-pop than rock, yet on his '2010' release he has opted for that more 'live' feel. Much of the song's synth has been stripped out and the 808 has been replaced with an almost military style live drum sound. This transformation, however, works a treat!

Dressing from head to toe in black, Erik often comes accross as a dark and emotive figure thus becoming apparent why he has opted for that more live/powerful sound.

Debut single 'Don't Bring Flowers' demonstrates his dark side. According to his myspace, it tells 'the story of a funeral he attended of an acquaintance who hadn’t really made much of an impression during his lifetime'.

Erik's debut album 'Pieces' is out on the 22nd Feb in the UK and includes singles 'Hurtful' and 'Don't bring Flowers'.

You can also catch him touring the UK with Mika through Feb and March.

Check out Erik at www.myspace.com/erikhassle

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