Sunday, 14 February 2010

Introducing... Pyramiddd

Pyramiddd (originally known as Starfu***r) opted to go down the media friendly route by changing their name to something a bit more 'suitable' However, this 4 piece from Portland, Oregon aren't planning on changing anything else and quite rightly so... their blend of synth pop with indie rock is a perfect excuse to get the party started. These guys are out to have fun and what better way to tell the world this, than by covering Cyndi Laupers 1980s classic 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'.

Pyramiddd's latest offering 'The Jupiter E.P' kicks off with four-to-the-floor foot stomper 'Medicine' which sets the pace for the entire EP. 'Boy Toy' is a melodic synth pop masterpiece with enough bleeps and blips, giving it a hint of Flaming Lips in their Yoshimi days. It also includes the Cyndi Lauper cover which is worth buying the EP solely for.

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For fans of : MGMT, Flaming Lips

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