Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Introducing.... Temposhark

Temposhark, a 4 piece electronic pop band, formed by lead singer/songwriter Rob Diament back in 2004. The following December, Rob set up record label, 'Paper and Glue' through which, Temposhark have consistently put out singles and remixes alike. The band are now preparing to launch second album 'Threads' via Paper and Glue.

Since forming, Temposhark have worked with such names as songwriter 'Imogen heap', who provided guest vocals on their first album, 'Guy Sigsworth' who produced early single 'Its Better To Have Loved' and Savage Garden's 'Darren Hayes' who the band suported on his full US tour in 2007.

New album 'Threads' is released in April this year. First single, 'The World Does Not Revolve Around You', see's Diament swapping his synth for guitars and has a very summery, Mika meets the Feeling, sound. Second single 'Bye Bye Baby' takes the band back down that contemporary electronic route with its very minimal sound and massive chorus.
Last but not least, latest single 'Threads' is mainstream pop at it's finest.

If temposhark continue down the road they have started, the next step must be close to world domination!!

Check out Temposhark at

New album, 'Threads', out April 2010 on Paper and Glue records.

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